Design System Meetup - v1.0.0 Sydney28th Feb 2018

v1.0.0 — Sydney
  • 5:20

    Opening Welcome

  • 5:30

    Design Systems for Small Teams

    What does it look like to build and maintain a design system at a small, fast-moving company with limited time, budget and resources? Spoiler alert: it’s nothing like what's going on at Airbnb!

  • 5:45

    Tips on selling a design system to management.

    Our learnings on driving adoption to 3,000+ practitioners.

  • 6:00

    To quote Cordelia McGee-Tubb, “Accessibility is like a blueberry muffin—you can't push the berries in there afterward”.

    Design systems give us the perfect opportunity to bake in accessibility that can lead not only to a more accessible product, but also a more accessible culture.

  • 6:15

    Break 15min

  • 6:30

    Back to basics.

    How we explain our design system (Westpac GEL) to suits and new recruits.

  • 6:45

    Introducing GOLD, the Australian government design system

    The Australian federal government has more than 1000 inconsistent websites and a workforce spread out across 200+ organisations. Alex (Developer) and Trevor (Designer) share how they have come together in an attempt to provide a common language for typography, spacing alignment, and an accessible colour contrast system, at a scale suitable for a nation.

Style guides, design guides, pattern libraries, design systems….oh my! If you are thinking about—or are currently creating/maintaining—a Design System, this meetup is for you. It provides an opportunity for those interested in the challenges of delivering Design Systems to exchange ideas and experiences.

What does the big picture look like? How does it all fit together? The answers to those questions can often have different results—let’s get together and share ideas!

Code of Conduct


Level 3, 241 Commonwealth Street
Surry Hills, NSW 2000

The event will take place in Sydney at the DTA Co-lab and will include lightning talks from guest speakers and the DTA.

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