Design System Meetup - v13.0.0 Sydney9th Jun 2020

v13.0.0 — Sydney
  • 6:00

    Intro to the first ever livestream

  • 6:10

    Building scalable framework-agnostic design systems using custom web components (stencil.js).

    We’ll look at some of the nitty gritty, understand the benefits of this approach, explore common pitfalls, viable governance models, and architectural setups to ensure adoption and scale.

  • 6:30

    The "state" of UI

    This will come as a surprise to many of you, but user interfaces on the web, have different types of state. It might be that "State", much like "Design Systems", is a word that has lost all meaning for you, but regardless, I think you will agree the UI state designers talk about is different from the application state developers refer to. Let's figure out how to have a discussion about these similar sounding but very different concepts for the sake of our sanity and better design system components.

  • 7:00

    End credits

Design System meetup Sydney v13.0.0 streamed for the very first time online. Mehran Granfar spoke about building scalable framework-agnostic design systems with web components and Mike Riethmuller took us through the different states a component may have and what that means for design.

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