Design System Meetup - v14.0.0 Sydney12th Oct 2020

v14.0.0 — Sydney
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    Intro to the livestream

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    What we learned about change

    How we're managing change as we grow our design system

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    The Design Alliance

    Clone Wars: Stories of light and dark revealed

    In a galaxy far, far away it is a period of great fragmentation. The Design Alliance lies in disarray - turf wars are the enemy. A series of battles between departments, vendors, systems and the IT departments leave many stars with multiple systems. Many of these systems don’t talk to each other and are not made to improve usability or achieve better outcomes.

    Join the resistance, see the first spark of hope that will become ....The Digital Experience+. Come follow the adventures of rolling out a design system that spans 3 galaxies and 15 star systems.

    Having spent a large part of her 23 year career in advertising and design, approximately 9 years ago Premika found herself naturally drawn to Human Centred Design, neuroscience and at that time the relatively new field of UX. Initially self taught, she went on to complete a Master’s in Digital Media/UX and pivoted into the world of redesigning enterprise software in aviation infotech, retail and e-commerce.

    Today she’s UX Lead at GovTech and works with the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore, tackling real world problems and building government e-services that uses technology to better serve and anticipate citizens’ needs.

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Design System meetup Sydney v14.0.0 streamed online again. We heard from InfoTrack and their journey of change and from Premika PoSaw from GovTech and how she manages to introduce a design system to a government body.

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