Design System Meetup - v3.0.0 Sydney9th Jul 2018

v3.0.0 — Sydney
  • 5:30

    Open doors

  • 6:15

    Atlassian rolled out a large refresh to their design system in 2017. James will share how they made some foundational decisions for their type stack, and how they also influenced other parts of our design system. This wasn't just a product effort either. The product design team worked closely with the marketing design team to come to a shared vision around the role that type would play in establishing our brand across our entire customer journey — from billboards and marketing websites, right the way through to the body type in our products on desktop and mobile.

  • 6:45

    What do you do if you have business buy in before the system is ready?

    So, your stakeholders have bought your pitch and want the design system- now! Great! Or is it? Magda Bytnerowicz from IAG's design system, Chroma, shares how she and her team scaled from proof of concept to beta in 6 months.

  • 7:15

    CSS-in-JS is compelling: it’s inherently modular, avoids the cascade and your CSS bundle is tree-shaken for free! Alas, one thing it doesn’t handle well is supporting multiple UI frameworks. And for a design system that needs to support React, Angular 4+ and Salesforce (of all things), that’s not going to fly. Supporting multiple frameworks while getting the benefits of CSS-in-JS isn’t impossible, though. We’ll walk through the techniques and decisions that allow Qbit, Quantium’s design system, to do just that.

Design System meetup Sydney v3.0.0. Three 30min talks about refreshing design systems, scaling the proof of concept and CSS-in-Js in design systems by James Bryant, Magda Bytnerowicz and Matthew Sutton.

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Expert 360
Level 3, 14 Martin Place
Sydney, NSW 2000

At the bottom of Martin Place right opposite of the ANZ entrance. Come up to level 3. We will have someone on the ground floor to let you in.

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