Design System Meetup - v9.0.0 Sydney8th Jul 2019

v9.0.0 — Sydney
  • 5:30

    Open doors

  • 6:15

    Building Tools To Lower Friction.

    A design system is only good if it's used consistently, and great tooling can get you there. Join as Jake Miller goes over how Atlassian made a small investment into tooling which lead to a huge jump in adoption and consistency of Atlassian's design system, and saved every designer time in the process.

  • 7:00

    Using a Design System in Framer X

    A Design Systems code base is great for developers to consume, but designers are limited to downloading a SketchApp stencil or to use a plugin like Google’s Material Theming. What if designers could design with the same code components? Well now you can! Join Lincoln as he demonstrates how Google Materials can be used within Framer X via React Material Web Components. A single source of truth is finally possible!

Design System meetup Sydney v9.0.0. Two 30min talks; Jake Miller talked about "Building Tools To Lower Friction" and Lincoln Mitchell talked about "Using a Design System in Framer X".

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Level 29, 363 George st
Sydney, NSW 2000

On the corner of King st and George st the entrance will appear on your left coming from the Apple store. It's right next to Louis Vuitton. Come into the big foyer and go to the elevators on your left. Use the touch screen to select level 29 and go to the elevator indicated.

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