Design System Meetup - v16.0.0 Sydney22nd Nov 2022

v16.0.0 — Sydney
  • 5:00

    Doors open

  • 5:00

    Intro and welcome to Canva

  • 5:40

    Practical aspects of designing a Color system and automating the workflow.

    Currently working as a Principal iOS Engineer at Invoice2go (a company) leading a mobile design system. Davyd led the Design System team in Telstra, which won the Telstra Design award in the Design Methodology category in 2021. Before Telstra his team created a design system in Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

    Davyd is passionate about great UX, elegant design and precise engineering.

  • 6:10


  • 6:40

    What makes a design system play well?

    Having the right mix of tooling and culture is key to making a design system a playful collaborative experience for all stakeholders. In this talk we review how tools like Storybook and Playroom uplift design systems and make them accessible to developers and designers alike. We’ll review tips and ideas for encouraging the right culture for engaging with design systems and their maintainers.

    Joshua Crowley is an interactive designer and web developer working at the Department of Agriculture. He’s a happy and enthusiastic user of the Agriculture Design System (AgDS).

  • 7:10

    Callouts and open jobs

  • 7:20

    Open floor

The first Design System meetup Sydney after a long covid pause came back with v16.0.0 where we heard from Davyd Geyl about the practical aspects of designing a Color system and automating the workflow and from Josh Crowley about what makes a design system play well.

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64 Kippax St
Surry Hills, NSW 2010

The entrace will have a sign directing you to the Meetup

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