Design System Meetup - v7.0.0 Sydney11th Mar 2019

v7.0.0 — Sydney
  • 5:30

    Open doors

  • 6:15

    Design Systems The Missing Manual

    This talk focuses on the missing considerations of Continuous Improvement and Innovation within a Design System.

    We work hard to optimise our processes in order to build better user centred products. Instead let's try looking at the people helping to build our Design Systems first by "measuring people to measure the process".

  • 7:00

    5 things our users want from the Atlassian Design System

    Getting buy-in and building a design system is one thing, but validating that it is successful, understanding if it’s meeting the users’ needs and is actually helping them build better products is a whole new kettle of fish. After running Atlassian’s Design System team for 3 years, Alex Skougarevskaya, will share with you insights, tips and challenges that the team has faced and what they plan to do to overcome them. You will walk way with ideas and tips on how you ensure the design system you have built (or thinking about building) will not only be used but loved by it’s consumers.

Design System meetup Sydney v7.0.0. Two 30min talks about Continuous Improvement of your design system and validating the success of Atlassians design system by Rozario Chivers and Alex Skougarevskaya.

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255 Pitt St
Sydney, NSW 2000

The hipages office is a quick walk from Town Hall located on level 10 at 255 Pitt Street, Sydney (the Hilton building). As some lifts in the Hilton lead to the hotel, please use the lift well closest to the Pitt Street entry.

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