Design System Meetup - v8.0.0 Sydney13th May 2019

v8.0.0 — Sydney
  • 5:30

    Open doors

  • 6:15

    Little of what makes up a design system is design

    Building a successful design system involves more than just design. With a company that’s rapidly outgrowing our design system resources, we’ve had to think creatively about how to gain adoption for the system.

  • 7:00

    Kickstart your design system: 5 things you can do

    These are the 5 things that helped Canva create a stable design system and made it scale.

Design System meetup Sydney v8.0.0. Two 30min talks about Canvas design system, how it grew rapidly and 5 things that helped Canvas design system by Matt Anderson and Joscha Feth.

Code of Conduct


Canva (new building)
Level 5, 80 Cooper Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

80 Cooper St is a short walk from Central Station. Once there, head through the glass doors and take the lift to Level 5. Take a right out of the lift and it's just at the end of the corridor.

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